Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mother's Day Rosary with Blue Agate and Handmade Lampwork Beads

The show stealers in this rosary are the 12mm by 11 handmade lampwork Pater beads. These striking beads have a silver foil center encased in clear crystal with pink flower and green leaves on the surface of the bead. Because they are handmade, each of the Pater beads is slightly different from the others. Most of the differences can be seen in the size, shape and color of the pink roses. Accenting these beads are silver colored bead caps. The Ave beads are light blue 8mm faceted agate. These are complimented by 3mm bead caps and a swirl of silver plated wire going up the side. The crucifix and center are silver plated metal. The center honors the Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus.  Please click here to learn more about this rosary and please visit my shop Holy Name Rosaries to see more of my wire wrapped, unbreakable rosaries and prayer beads.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stations of the Cross Chaplet in Blue Goldstone

This pocket version of the Stations of the Cross chaplet features 14 8mm blue goldstone beads. Actually, the term "goldstone" is a misnomer. The beads are actually midnight blue glass with flecks of silver foil mixed into it. The result is a deep blue bead that sparkles and dances in the light. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the beauty of these beads and the sparkles look like white specks on the surface of the beads.

The crucifix is a pardon or indulgence crucifix. Pope Pius X gives special indulgences to people who pray devoutly on the crucifix. The back of the crucifix reads "Father Forgive Them" and "Behold This Heart Which Has So Loved Men." and has an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the center. The medal on the other end of the chaplet honors the Ecce Homo. The reverse side of the medal honors the Mater Dolorosa.

The 14 beads represents each of the 14 Stations of the Cross. It is much shorter and easier to carry with you than the larger version of the chaplet.

Please click here to learn more about this chaplet and please visit my shop, Holy Name Rosaries, to see more of my wire wrapped chaplets and rosaries. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mother of Sorrow Rosary Beads Pewter Blue Goldstone Wire Wrapped Unbreakable

In this rosary, Our Mother of Sorrows is comforted by midnight blue beads that have flecks of silver foil that sparkle like the stars in the night sky. The Aves are 8mm blue goldstone beads and the Pater beads are 12mm blue goldstone beads. Goldstone is a misnomer because it is not stone. It is actually dark blue transparent glass that copper and silver foil flecks have been mixed into. The result is a beautiful, sparkly bead that dances in the light. I've have tried my best to capture the sparkly nature of these beads, but sadly the sparkles look like white specs in the beads.   Please click here to learn more about this rosary and please visit my shop, Holy Name Rosaries, to see more of my unbreakable rosaries and rosary bracelets.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Three Hail Mary Chaplet with St Benedict Crucifix Onyx

This chaplet is comprised of three beautiful 8mm black onyx beads. Accenting these beads are silver colored bead caps. The Immaculate Heart medal has "Pray for us" on the reverse side. . The crucifix has a two sided St Benedict medal behind our Lord's head. Both the medal and the crucifix are silver colored metal. This chaplet is just under 6 1/2 inches long. It would make a wonderful gift or would be great to keep for yourself!

The Three Hail Marys devotion has enjoyed a long history in the church. The first known person to engage in this prayer is St. Anthony of Padua. He was followed by many saints and doctors of the church, among whom was St. Melchtilde. St Gertrude wrote of the Apparition that St. Melchtilde experienced with the Three Hail Marys devotion . Later, St Gertrude, herself experienced an apparition of the Blessed Virgin who promised a good death to anyone who practiced the devotion.

Please click here to learn more about this chaplet and please visit my shop, Holy Name Rosaries, to see more of my Three Hail Mary chaplets and my unbreakable rosaries.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dear Landlord...

I've taken the liberty of borrowing the title of Bob Dylan's song to use as the title of this post because I am, unfortunately, locked in a battle with the leasing company who owns my apartment.  Somehow, the title seems appropriate. 

Last June, I signed a lease that said I would pay $810/month for rent.   The lease stated that the $810  covered the $7.00 charge for trash collection and rent control.   It also included the $10.00 charge for pet rent to cover my kitty.   Everything went well throughout the summer.  On the first of every month, I dutifully paid my $810.00 and every month I was allowed to continue living in my apartment.   Not once did I hear anything about not paying enough rent.

In October, the company who owned my complex sold it to another company.   From that point until now, the new leasing company has been trying to raise my rent in the middle of my lease.  I believe this to be illegal and, at the very least, unethical.

Their first tack was to tell me I haven't been paying the $7.00/mo charge for the trash collection and rent control.   I have been fighting this almost every month and almost every month they have been forced to see where, in my lease, it states that the $7.00 charge is covered in my rent.

Today, once again when I paid my rent, the manager of the property accosted me with the fact that I haven't been paying the $7.00/monthly charge and that I owed them $80.00 to cover all the months that I haven't paid this fee.   We sat down and I showed her where, in the lease, it state unequivocally that the $7.00 fee is covered by my rent.   She was forced to agree.

As soon as she admitted defeat on that front, she started telling me that I owed them for the $10.00 pet rent which she CLAIMED I haven't been paying.   This is the very FIRST time they have mentioned the pet rent.  Together we went over the lease and found in two places where it states, very clearly, that the $810.00 covers the pet rent.   Yet because those clauses were not initialed by the manager at the time, she says they are not legally binding.   However, that is the lease that was signed by me AND the manager of the property at the time and to my understanding it IS legally binding for the new leasing company.

You may think that I'm being petty because I'm quibbling about such small fees.   However, I live alone, have a very small income that barely covers my expenses and I truly can not afford to pay the extra charges let alone the back charges they say I owe.

I've done some research and have learned that the new leasing company is charging $985/month for apartments like mine.   I believe they're angry that I am not paying even close to that amount and are looking for every which way possible to raise my rent in the middle of my lease.   It doesn't matter to them that what they are doing is illegal, unethical and unscrupulous.  What seems to matter is that they have the power to do it and so they ARE doing it.

I can not afford a lawyer, I wish I could.   I would love to fight them legally because I am certain I would win    However, without a lawyer, my chances of winning this battle appear to be slim.   So, in lieu of a lawyer,  I am asking everyone who reads this to pray for me and to pray that the Lord will send the Holy Spirit to work this out for me.   I believe with all my heart that He can resolve this matter for me.   It is my hope and prayer that He will resolve it for me.   After all, David did slay Goliath.