Monday, October 12, 2015

St Francis Rosary San Damiano Crucifix in Fancy Agate Wire Wrapped

The Avé beads in this rosary are 8mm fancy agate beads. These amazing beads range from mauve to purple, gray and rust. In sunlight, the appear to have the look of earth tones. In artificial light, they take on a more rosy hue. Accenting these beads are 12mm white magnesite Pater beads with faint traces of a light brown matrix. Magnesite looks very much like white turquoise and many people refer to it as such. Please note that these are two entirely stones. Magnesite is a beautiful but common stone. White turquoise is quite rare and is only mined in the American southwest. Please ask the origin of the stone when purchasing something labeled as white turquoise.

The crucifix honors the San Damiano crucifix which was so important to St. Francis. The center honors St Francis of Assisi one of Pope Francis' favorite saints. Both are silver colored metal  Please click here to learn more about this rosary and please visit my shop, Holy Name Rosaries to see more of my wire wrapped, unbreakable rosaries.